My z/OS things
I am a retired z/OS system engineer. The retirement was not my choice I might add, but by the end of 2015 I turned 62, which was the retirement age where I was working, so had to go.

I started back in 1973 working on a s/360-50 running MFT. Since then I have worked in large organisations, interspaced with a 12 year stint working for a vendor (Hitachi Data Systems).
It was a lot of fun, sometimes frustrating, but very seldom dull.

I have worked mostly in Demark, where I come from, but have lived and worked 15 years in Switzerland and 6 months in Singapore. I am back in Denmark now.

Even though I am officially retired, I am not idle. I have been lucky enough to be involved in a large VM to z/OS conversion project. Keeps the little grey cells alive. I have set up a small company Harders-Jensen IT Consult to make it official. So, should another project come around then I am ready. Advert: I can assist with anything ISPF and REXX, Assembler coding, setting up and running a z/OS system.

My email address: willy - at -
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