My z/OS things
Not so much to see yet, it is early days, so do come back.
If you find something you like, just download and try it out. Most of the files are in the TSO XMIT format, though some are small and do not need any support files, they will be in plain TXT format.
Name Scope Description - click to get further information Build
ASML ISPF edit macro 3 edit macros: ASM, LINK and ASML for doing assembly, linkedit or both of the edited data. Options and directives are in the assembly source as comments. Documentation is in the macros. 2017-11-22
ISPCMDU REXX pgm Is a set of REXX execs to update the in-storage copy of your ISPF Command Table, and to list its entries. This is done for your ISPF session only, and it is effective immediately.  
ISPDPX01 ISPF panel exit This ISPF panel exit is used to insert records into an ISPF panel. It can replace the entire panel, or one or more sections with data in REXX stem variable(s).                                
MLCOMP ISPF Compare memberlist for 2 libraries. Can be used as normal command MLCOMP lib1 lib2, and from ISPF 3.4 where you just enter lib2.  
ONLY ISPF edit macro Show only records with specified content     
PIPE2DS TSO PIPE PIPE subroutine, allow write to new dataset.  
REXXGBLV REXX function (ASM) Provides a variable store external to the currently running REXX program. Variables can be saved, and later retrieved by the same or another REXX process.
Latest update: program is now Rmode 31 and reentrant.
build 054
RUN ISPF edit macro Execute edited data directly, no need to save first.The program will analyze the data, and determine the data type.  
RXOPCOMM REXX function (ASM) Allow MODIFY/STOP operator command for REXX programs.  
RXRDPRML REXX function (ASM) Copy a parmlib member to a stem.  
RXVSAMBA REXX function (ASM) VSAM  bulk access,the program can add, replace, retreive or delete records from a
VSAM database
Latest update: fully reentrant, can reside in LPAlib, fix abend S0C7 when stem.0 not found.
build 014
UNIQUE ISPF edit macro Delete duplicate records - does not sort the file  
XISPTBL REXX subroutine Callable subroutine for standard ISPF table handling. The subroutine has built-in support for table-row delete, edit, insert and repeat. The display can be filtered by include or exclude, and sorted.                                                           
You can  also specify line commands for which an  external program is to be called.