Name Scope Description Build Doc
ASMALISPF edit macro3 edit macros: ASMA, ASML and ASMAL for doing assembly, linkedit or both of the edited data. Options and directives are in the assembly source as comments. Documentation is in the macros.2017-11-22
CDEUCTZ2ASM macroBump program use count to keep program in JPAQ. This will improve performance of an often loaded program significantly.
For reentrant and optionally serially reusable programs
CSIREXXREXX pgmSearch ICF catalogs, return entry name, type, volsers and catalog name as a list, in the stack, in a global variable pool, in an ISPF table or as a returned value.
Latest update: output to ISPF table
DLNKLSTASM macroDouble-linked list - add, delete, navigate
Latest update: Locate and search list
FINDMBRISPF dialogThe FINDMBR application is an ISPF application which allows you to find PDS/PDSE member(s) which existed at the latest FINDMBR update run and perform various actions against the member or dataset through a dialog2019-10-14
text PDF
HEXDUMPASM macroWrite a block of data in DUMP format, hex and text2019-02-17
INLN2PDSREXX pgmHave dialog elements panels, skeletons etc inside your REXX pgm.
The subroutine writes inline data blocks to a temp pds as separate members
ISPCMDLREXX pgmList all open ISPF tables
Requires the STEMEDIT CBT program.
ISPCMDUREXX pgmA REXX pgm to update the in-storage copy of your ISPF command table. This is done for your ISPF session only, and it is effective immediately.text
ISPCTEREXX pgmEdit permanent ISPF command tables Can be called with parameter USER or SITE, if user- or site command tables are implemented, or with a name and library, meaning that it can be used from ISPF 3.4text
ISPCTLREXX pgmList all open ISPF command tables in a dialog. The dialog calls ISPCTE if edit of table is selected.text
ISPDPX01ISPF panel exitThis ISPF panel exit is used to insert records into an ISPF panel. It can replace the entire panel or one or more sections with data in REXX stem variables.2018-09-01text
ISPEXI16ISPF exitAlloc log, list, trace, and temp data set only when needed2019-09-17
ISPQTABISPF dialogShow all open tables, list details and contents2018-09-01
MLCOMPISPF dialogCompare memberlist for 2 libraries. Can be used as normal command MLCOMP lib1 lib2, and from ISPF 3.4 entering just lib2, or even without parameters for a prompt.2020-02-09
ONLYISPF edit macroShow only records with specified content
PIPE2DSTSO pipePIPE subroutine, allow write to new datasettext
REXXGBLVREXX functionREXXGBLV provides a variable store external to the currently running REXX program. Variables can be saved and later retrieved by the same or another REXX process. The saved variables can be written to and retrieved from a disk file, so can be used across logons and even be shared amongst users.
Update 2020-01-04 changes returncode for no-records and no-pool conditions.
text PDF
REXXMACSASM macroMacros for stuff like VGET, VPUT, STEMGET, STEMPUT, SAY etc.
Documentation is in the macros.
REXXSTORREXX functionWrite and read data to named storage area2019-10-04
RUNISPF edit macroExecute edited data directly, no need to save first. The program will analyze the data, and determine the data type REXX, panel, skeleton...text
RXEXECIOREXX functionTired of doing ALLOCATE, EXECIO and FREE then this small program might be what you are looking for.
It allocates a named dataset and either reads from it or write to it, using a stem or the stack as source or target and freeing the datasets at the end.
Also does copy between datasets/files and load dataset as string.
RXOPCOMMREXX functionAllow MODIFY/STOP operator command for REXX programs2019-10-22
RXPATTRNREXX functionREXX pattern check, test string agains a pattern.2019-11-11
RXRDPRMLREXX functionCopy a parmlib member to a stem.2018-09-01
RXREALDSREXX functionReturn real name for relative gds or alias2019-12-03
RXVSAMBAREXX functionVSAM bulk access,the program can add, retrieve, update and delete multiple records from VSAM KSDS- and RRDS databases
Latest: link as rmod any, fix PUT .. VALUE problem
RXWAITREXX functionWait some seconds / fraction of seconds2019-07-22
SLNKLSTASM macroSingle-linked list - add, delete, navigate
TSOPUTLNASM macroTSO putline not needing setup.2019-10-02
UNIQUEISPF edit macroDelete duplicate records, does not sort the data.
WSAMMACSASM macroThe WSAM macro set allows an assembler programmer to do away with most labels, and make more readable code.
You can use multi-level IF and DO constructs with boolean logic.
WSAM is(very) similar, but not identical, to IBM's Structured Programming Macros.
XISPTBLREXX subroutineCallable subroutine for standard ISPF table handling. The subroutine has built-in support for table-row delete, edit, insert and repeat. The display can be filtered by include or exclude, and sorted. You can name an external program to be called for primary- and line commands.2019-08-13text
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